The Author  
  Donough O’Brien has enjoyed an active career in advertising, public relations, graphic design and film-making. Today, he runs the UK arm of Spring O’Brien, an international communications consultancy based in New York.

By chance, his business has required frequent visits to dozens of countries, and this has provided the inspiration and the stories for Fame by Chance.

This is Donough’s second book. The first, Fringe Benefits, is both an autobiography and biography, featuring the famous and infamous on the fringe of his own life and that of his father, Toby, one of the original political PR gurus.


He lives in London with his wife, Liz, also a writer, and has two sons and a stepdaughter.

FRINGE BENEFITS – the good, the bad, the beautiful ... and the O’Briens. - Donough O'Brien's previous book - an unusual mix of biography and autobiography.

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