Find Out in Fame by Chance
The answers to these and many more intriguing questions ….

Where the 'Acol System' of rules for the world's Bridge players comes from.


Who decided that East Cote was a good place to gallop. Hence Royal Ascot week.

Why New York's snobbish 'Society' was limited to only 400 people.
How Queen Elizabeth I started the legend about Ireland's Blarney Stone.
How a huge South American country came to be named after a tree.
Why the French Foreign Legion holds an annual parade past a wooden hand.
Why Edward Kennedy's Chappaquiddick secret may be even worse than we thought.
How convalescing invalids first laid out the Cresta Run toboggan course.
What the phrase "going Doolally" has to do with a military transit camp in India.
Where the very first 'Ghetto' was and how it was named.
Who invented the 'Hamburger' and why it has nothing to do with the large city in Germany.

Where the Wright Brothers first powered flight really took place and how a telegraph message confused the world's media.
How all lager beers owe their existence to a character in a Christmas Carol.
Why the defenders of Rorke's Drift were awarded so many Victoria Crosses.
How the Dutch got one of the greatest bargains in History when they bought Manhattan but then gave it up to the British for the sake of nutmeg.
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