What Readers Think

Here is a collection of comments from people who have already had the chance to digest the stories of Fame by Chance.

"I love the thing in history - when its chance and happenstance. It's a wonderful book. It's one of those things where you say, "I wonder why somebody hasn't thought of it before?"
Sandi Toksvig LBC

"It will go on the coffee table and will be picked up time and again.But don't get any expectations of reading it in your family, because someone will grab it and get buried in it for hours".
Chris Goreham, BBC Radio Norfolk

"The book is fascinating and I can see I will be turning to it for the odd anecdote/fact in the years to come."
Simon Vaughan, The Alexandra Palace Television Society.

"...it is certainly a clever idea and beautifully produced".
Jane Mays, Literary Editor, The Daily Mail

'Fame by Chance' is one of those very rare books that are truly unputdownable, it contains something for everyone.
David Hutchinson, Evening Gazette, Teeside

“There is something new in this book for all of us … I have never before read an anthology of places that became famous quite by chance, whether that chance arrived in the form of a sudden disaster, a murder, a food, even a strange breed of dog. This book contains many such stories of fortuitous association, fascinating and surprising in equal measure.’’
Peter Ackroyd

"...I was relieved to find there was very little I could find to correct in
your beautifully written piece on Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana".
David Rattray
Fugitives Drift, Rorke's Drift, South Africa

"The description of the Mille Miglia in the Brescia story really brought back memories of that great, if daunting, motor race. Thank you for including the nice picture of me back in the Mercedes SLR at Goodwood - nearly 44 years on."
Sir Stirling Moss OBE.

"The story of the opening of Sibylla's captures exactly a very special moment in the so called 'swinging sixties', when most of the characters of that era gathered in one place - many to become famous worldwide."
Joanna Lumley

‘This is a heck of an idea – a clever idea. I loved so many of the stories.
A great Christmas present’.
Marty Whelan of RTE’s ‘Open House’, Ireland

"The book is fascinating and I can see I will be turning to it for the odd
anecdote/fact in the years to come."
Simon Vaughan
The Alexandra Palace Television Society.

"Congratulations for the book you are writing. I read your lines and think you are pretty well documented."

"Thank you for sending your text on Cowes - a very readable style."
Diana Harding
Researcher and lecturer on Cowes.

"Thank you for letting me see your piece on the Cresta Run - a fair summary of the Run and its history."
Ken Newman
St. Moritz Toboganning Club

"Many thanks for writing and enclosing your text on Eton. I am very happy with it. Thank you."
JE Lewis
Former Headmaster of Eton College.

"I have read through the passage you've sent on the Gulags. Factually, it looks accurate."
Helen Glenn Court
The Jamestown Foundation.

"The excerpt on Hamburg is very good. We are anxiously looking forward to your book. And we will display it in this office."
Kathryn H. Pawlik
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, New York.

"We are happy that you included the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in your book."
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The text on the Lorraine Motel is excellent.
Melissa English
Martin Luther King National Historic Site.

I am pleased to say that, not only are all of the facts on Muroc, California, correct, but that the piece seems to be exceptionally well-written …. It is a very good synopsis of those eventful years at Edwards Air Force Base."
Raymond L. Puffer, PhD
Historian, Edwards Air Force Base

"I am one of the tour guides here in Pullman, so I had a chance to review your summary. It's very good."
Mike Wolski
Pullman Historic District

"Your Route 66 piece is very well written."
David Knudson
National Historic Route 66 Federation

"Your article is accurate. So best wishes from West Point for success in this publication."
Dr. Stephen B. Grove
US Military Academy Historian.

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